About MZA Ltd. London

About MZA Ltd.MZA Ltd. is a domestic cleaning company that started its business in the late 1997. Through the years we have managed to be the very best for the London area.

With our eco-friendly products, we guarantee that our services are suited for each and every one of our current and future customers. The high-tech machines that we use consist of Steam cleaning machine, Expert vacuuming machines and more.

The Begining

We started as a small company with only two trucks. But we had ideas and were motivated. Throughout the years we slowly grew bigger and bigger. Everything was calculated because we didn’t want to take risks. At the time we seemed like we were thriving but then again nothing is as good as it seems. The market was not always great to us. There were months when we had little to no customers. But then again our services were not something that can be easily forgotten. As time passed so did the word for us. We grew bigger. Eventually, we became known so well that we hit the other side of the market. Work began to come more and more with each day passing. We began hiring more and more people. But it took us time to train them. It was all like an avalanche really. Our rookies back then have all grown up to be some of the best specialists in their sphere and for that, we are really proud. As time passed we got in the eye sight of one of the biggest manufacturers in the branch Prochem.

When their offer came to our office it felt like a long awaited recognition. This is precisely when we felt that we were on the right track. With their certified eco-friendly and safe products we knew we could grow even bigger.


Nowadays we are a big company we have our own spot on the market with a work force every employer can be proud of. Now our already vetted professionals can do their job with no supervision at all. But still, for organising purposes, we keep them under watch. With their hard work, we managed to do so very much in so little time. And for this we are grateful.

And this is where we are now. We managed to become one of the biggest companies for domestic cleaning services. With over 15 000 satisfied customers to date. We can offer great benefits to our customers like for example.

Free surveys on site – free is the key word, we come and see what we can do without the need to pay us anything!24/7 customer support – we will be there if you need us. Just give us a call or send us an email! We will do our best to answer you straight away if not an answer within 2 hours is a promise!

We are proud of our self and we are ready to help you out in all your daily domestic cleaning needs!

Book MZA Ltd. Right Away

Our staff consists of veteran professionals with most of them being with us since the beginning. They are available for you everyday between 07:00 and 19:00. Call 020 3404 3992 and ask them for your totally free quote! If you prefer fill our online booking form and our polite operators will call you in good time for you.