How to Clean Your Carpet Without a Vacuum Cleaner

carpet cleaningVacuum machines despite being a great asset to our everyday life can sometimes be a bit too noisy. Even more like most electrical machinery can break.

Here you will find different ways to clean your carpet without the help of a vacuum cleaner. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Clean Coffee Stains out of Your Carpet

coffee stainsAhh, coffee! Who doesn’t love to have a cup of it while relaxing on the sofa? At times incidents tend to occur and we spill some of it. It is quite bad when the spill ends up on our carpet.

Here you must act fast!

With a tissue or a microfiber cloth blot as much of the coffee as you can. Mix: Read the rest of this entry »

How to Clean Blood Stains out of Your Carpet

carpet cleaningBlood can be hard to remove when not taken care immediately. Below you will find some ways how to deal with that problem. Resolve that problem with our professional carpet cleaning tips in our blog!

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How to Remove Tomato Stains out of your Carpet

Tomato Stains

family-room-670270_640Tomatoes are great and almost everything is better with them. But what do we do if we spill some tomatoes or some tomato sauce on the carpet?

Here you will find some methods on how to deal with this problem.

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