Having sash windows fitted: 3 ways to avoid damaging your carpet.

One of the biggest problems when you have your sash windows replaced is the fact that you need to look after your carpet. Tradesman don’t often know what to do with carpets, and it’s really serious issue. Some of the more professional tradesmen will try to lay down dust sheets and plastic rolls to protect your flooring. The problem with this is it doesn’t stole solve any issues as with regards the dust going through the dust sheet itself.

In this article we are going to take a look closer look at some of the things you can do to stop a sash window installation damage in your carpet.

1. Lay dust sheets before fitting sash windows

The first and most important thing that you can do is lay your dust sheets appropriately. You literally can’t lay enough dust sheets. Put them over the floor, over your possessions, and also put them over sofas, as well as hang them up the walls if you can as well. Any place that you can avoid dust touching will be an area that you don’t have to clean up afterwards. This of the best examples I’ve ever seen of laying dust sheets over carpets by professional sash window company in London that were replacing sash cords and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone as far as installing sash windows is concerned. It’s the way that they lay dust sheet is anything like the quality of their sash window installations then it will be top notch.

2. Break up cardboard boxes and put these down too

Another great way to protect your carpet is to break up old cardboard boxes and then lay them down over the carpet. By laying down thick cardboard you actually solving an issue of blunt trauma. If for example someone were to drop a sash weight on to the floor it would also stop any damage through dust sheets and this means that you won’t have any issue with old dust going deep into the fibres of the carpet. Another great reason to lay down cardboard is that not all dust sheets are plastic lined, therefore if it’s raining or wet it will stop any moisture going through and damaging your carpet as well. This is particularly a problem when you’ve got tradesmen that really need to wear a hard steel toe cap boot as part of health and safety.

3. Offer your sash fitters overshoes

One of the simplest ways to avoid sash window damage is to offer your tradesman slip overshoes. This means that you can put them by the front door and they can put them directly over the steel toe cap boots, and if their boots are dirty then of course it can’t affect the carpet. These overshoes are becoming extremely popular. And there is as a result of the popularity they’re becoming ever cheaper.

In conclusion I would say that it’s extremely important to try to protect damaging your carpet when having sash windows fitted. The cost of sash windows is expensive, but it’s even more expensive if you need to replace the carpet as well. Be sure to take all of the steps above very seriously when having a sash windows fitted, and this of course applies to London as well in particular. Because there are so many sash window companies it’s almost impossible to know who you’re dealing with all of the time. As a result of that, it’s hard to know if you’ve got a conscientious tradesman or someone that is just their doing their job and not really that concerned with your property. Personally, I like to check with reviews but this isn’t always possible in London. So once again it’s extremely important that you make sure that you following all of the correct procedures to protect damaging your carpet.