How to Clean Your Carpet Without a Vacuum Cleaner

carpet cleaningVacuum machines despite being a great asset to our everyday life can sometimes be a bit too noisy. Even more like most electrical machinery can break.

Here you will find different ways to clean your carpet without the help of a vacuum cleaner.

First, Check the Label

To wash the carpet always check the label first. Some carpets can be taken to dry cleaners while others can be put in the washing machine. Always keep in mind that not all carpets are the same and make sure to check the labels first.

Do it by Hand

It’s as simple as that. Grab a plastic bag or any other container and get on your knees. Pick up all the large particles that you can. Then with a hand broom begin swiping the carpet. It’s a bit tedious but is a great way to keep your carpet clean without going into much harder tasks.

Shake that Rug

If you have an area carpet taking it outside is also a great way to clean it up. Go on the lawn or even the driveway and shake that rug vigorously. Mind that there will be a lot of dust in the area while shaking so do not take deep breaths. Take in mind if there is any wind going as that may turn the dust towards your house.

Use Packaging Tape

carpet_cleaning vacuum cleanerA more interesting way is with packaging tape. Cut the tape in small parts and press it on the carpet to pick up that loose hair or dirt. Make sure to change the tape as often as possible. Do this because if its stickiness is gone then there will be no point of using it anymore. It may take some time but this method is one of the easiest out there and does not need you to do any kind of deep cleaning.

Use Hand Brush

You can use a hand brush to get the carpet clean. Get one from the store and start working. Imagine that the carpet is your hair and take the brush from the one side to the other. It is a good method that is ideal for carpets composed of longer fibers. And since the brushes have hard hair it is going to be easier to reach deeper into the carpet and remove its dirt.

The best part is that some brushes have long handles that make them look almost like brooms. This way you will not have to get on your knees and you can say goodbye to that back pain.

If there are stains on your carpet or rug you can’t remove by yourself, you can always ask our professional cleaners for assistance.