How to Clean Coffee Stains out of Your Carpet

coffee stainsAhh, coffee! Who doesn’t love to have a cup of it while relaxing on the sofa? At times incidents tend to occur and we spill some of it. It is quite bad when the spill ends up on our carpet.

Here you must act fast!

With a tissue or a microfiber cloth blot as much of the coffee as you can. Mix:

  • two cups of hot water
  • one tablespoon of white vinegar
  • one tablespoon of liquid dish soap

With a clean white cloth dipped in the mix blot the stain. Use small quantities at a time. At the end sponge it with cold water and blot it dry.

Blot the stain with some paper towels. Put the towel on the coffee and apply pressure on it. Blot up as much of the coffee as possible. Do not rub it as this may spread the stain even further. Now with the help of a spray bottle spray the stain with warm water. Or, you can use a sponge to dab some water on the stain as well.


  • a quarter teaspoon of mild non-bleaching detergent or carpet shampoo
  • to a liter of warm water.

coffee stainsStir the solution in a bowl to get the mix done. Test the mixture on a non-visible section of the carpet. Wait for a few minutes. If you notice some decolouring on the carpet make sure to immediately to clean the detergent with some cold water.

Moisten a clean white cloth with the solution and put it on the spot that you wish cleaned. Get a spoon and with the bottom of it massage the cloth. Do so over the entire cloth starting from the outside and going to the middle. This way you will prevent spreading the stain further on your carpet. This will get the solution deep into the rug without damaging the fibers.

Now lift the cloth and spray the worked area with warm water. You can moisten a clean sponge with hot water and dab it on the stain. With a clean dishtowel or some sturdy paper blot the stain. To dry the carpet place a clean dish towel or some paper towels over the stain. Cover them with some plastic and apply a heavy object on top. Leave it like that for some hours or even better for a night.

After you lift the towel there should be no stain left. The drying process lifts even bigger stains. Because of that, there should be no chance of them reappearing again on your valuable carpet.