How to Clean Your Fireplace. No Tips

clean fireplaceEvery fireplace needs cleaning regularly. Especially if it used on a daily basis. It is not mandatory but we recommend it. Safety first.

Furthermore, a clean home will always be trendy among your jealous neighbours.

Let’s start with one of the most important things. You should be careful! Cleaning the fireplace sometimes requires an expert.

But we will talk about that later. There are certain areas such as the lintel for example, which should be at least 12 inches high. But, we will try to keep it simple and share the basics. Keep in mind that this is a basic guide, so if you are a pro just look at the bold words ;).

+ Let the Fireplace and Chimney Settle Down

It is more than obvious but we decided to give it a go, just in case. Your fireplace should be cooled off. It could take up to 1 day. We recommend 24 hours at least. There is no need to rush. The soot has to be settled by then. Furthermore, you can get close enough.

+ Make a Thorough Inspection

Let’s start with the serious job. Take a metal instrument or something that would not break initially. You have to check the creosote. In other words, the black sticky substance on the bricks (or whatever material your fireplace is made of). You need to scrape it away so to see if a cleaning is required at all. If the layer is over 1/8 of an inch you should go for it. Otherwise, just grab a baked cheese sandwich and enjoy your weekend.

+ Cover the Floor

We highly recommend the usage of a plastic tarp. Put it in front of the fireplace and all its surroundings. The reason is simple. Protect your home furniture, hard floor and keep it clean. A filtered mask would also be helpful. Your health and by that we emphasize on the lungs must be always protected.

+ Check the Chimney

Examine your chimney and rooftop for any kind of obstacles. Rainwater, leaves, and debris could endanger the airflow and therefore your comfort.

+ Clean the Fireplace

Now you have to choose whatever you have or want to use. Warm water, vinegar, special detergents, baking soda are some of the most popular options. Soot eraser could be bought as well. A mix of all the above-mentioned solutions could be gold. Please let us know if there is a secret liquid that does the magic for you.

A scrub brush would be of great help. Start as high as you can so that you do not have to clean again the bases. Do not forget to clean up and rinse the walls with water.

+ Enjoy it

Once everything has dried you can inspect for any forgotten tools or wet places. Now you can finally enjoy sitting by your fireplace with a book and a glass of wine.

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