How to Clean Upholstery Fabric

Upholstered furniture is beautiful and comfortable, but at the same time is prone to staining and to accumulating dust and dirt. This means that you need to take proper care for it in order to prolong its longevity, keep it looking good, and keeping it sanitary and safe.

To ensure that you get as much of the dirt, dust, hairs, dead skin cells and other residues off of your fabric upholstery, make sure that you hoover it with the soft brush attachment at least once a week. Do it more often if you have pets, children or dust allergies.

Regular vacuuming is a must

Regular vacuuming will help keep the dust and dirt on the surface from embedding itself deeper in the fabric and in the furniture. Also, if you happen to spill something on your sofa or chair, act as quickly as possible. Wipe off any excess spilled liquid or other substance. Use a clean cloth, baby wipes or a sponge and blot out as much of the spill as possible. Do not rub it in or around, because you will further increase the damage to the fabric.

Test the cleaning detergent

Before proceeding to clean your entire upholstery, always vacuum clean it first. If there are any spots or heavily soiled areas, pre-treat them with upholstery cleaner, stain remover or another alternative cleaning solution. After you are done – you can go ahead and clean the sofa or chair. After testing the solution you will be using on a small area on your upholstery, and if there is no negative reaction – you can clean it safely.

If you have a steam cleaner, add the cleaning solution to the water tank and clean the upholstery with long strokes, area by area. The rinsing should be done in the same manner but with water only.

Use a white cloth

If you are cleaning it by hand, use a sponge or clean white cloth dipped in lukewarm water with some mild laundry detergent, white vinegar or upholstery cleaning product. Never oversaturate your upholstered furniture, and always let it dry of entirely before using it again!

You can help enhance the drying by turning on a fan, the AC or opening the windows and doors to let the air circulate in the room. If you want to remove a bad smell from your upholstery, sprinkle the entire piece of furniture with baking soda and let it sit and absorb the odours overnight. On the next day, hoover it off and the smell should be gone!