How to Clean Your Carpet With Club Soda

Clean Carpet With Club SodaClub soda is a simple but really effective solution to most of your daily stain problems. It can remove beverage stains, vomit, greasy spots and even wine.


Make sure to use only club soda when dealing with stains. Flavoured soda can damage the fibres of your carpet thanks to the sugars inside.

Before using club soda on your carpet make sure to test it on a small spot. This way you can determine if it is going to get the job done or worsen the situation even further.

Cleaning stains

If there is liquid spilled on your carpet begin by blotting as much of it as possible. It is recommended using paper towels for that task. They are easily disposable and having a trashcan nearby will speed up the process. When no more liquid come out of the spot pour a small amount of soda on the spot. The soda will dilute and loosen the colourful drink from the carpet rather than soak it up even further. Give it a minute or two work and then blot it with an absorbing cleaning cloth.

Blot the stain until there is no more dye coming off. Now damp a white cloth over the area to remove the remaining club soda.

Red Wine Stain – Act Quickly!

As long as you act quick club soda can remove red wine stains from your carpet. With some paper towels blot up as much of the wine as possible. Now wet a white cloth with the club soda. Make sure that it is a high absorbent one. Press the wet cloth on the soon to be a stain. This will again dilute the colour of the spill and absorb the liquid. Rinse the cloth on a regular basis and apply the soda again. Once the cloth absorbs the stain make sure not to press it again on the spot. This may spill some of the liquid inside. You will have to repeat the process all over again. If there is still a visible stain put some salt on it and give it about ten minutes to work. Vacuum up the salt and then wipe the area to get rid of the club soda.

Greasy Spots

Use club soda to loosen up the oils left from food or anything else that may leave greasy stains. Use a paper towel and dab the area to remove as much grease as possible. Pour club soda on the area. Blot the stain again with some paper towels or a clean white cloth. After some minutes wipe clean the spot with a white cotton cloth and that’s that!

If there is any stain you can’t remove with club soda, just call professional cleaners to do the job for you.