Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I pay?

A: Online payments, bank transfers, credit cards or even cash payment to the technicians are all welcomed.


Q: I have a pet, is the service safe for it?

A: Everything that our company uses is with 0% chance to harm you or your pet.


Q: How does the scheduling work?

A: Just give us a call with the date and time you need us. We will check and see if its available. If taken then we can check and see the nearest to what you want!


Q: What about the keys, how do you get in?

A: We require at least one person per household to be present at the time of the service. If that is not possible however key pick ups can be arranged and later on returned to the owner.


Q: I liked a service and booked it. But now I don’t want it anymore, how much will it cost me to cancel it?

A: You have to cancel a service no less than 24 hours before scheduled cleaning.


Q: Are the services you offer child safe?

A: Being allergen free, with the use of all natural methods and cleaning supplies. We guarantee that there will be no risk for you or your child. Even more, the cleaning solutions we use for your household surfaces come with a 0% chance of allergic reaction.


Q: Is the air moving system booked separately?

A: Yes it is. When you are booking a service if you wish you can book an air moving system as well.


Q: What must I do, if I am not satisfied by one of your technicians?

A: Since we put a lot of time and work in our technicians, it is highly unlikely that anything can dissatisfy you. But if needed give us a call and cite the number of the order.


Q: How often should a carpet be cleaned?

A: Usually it depends on the size of the household and the activity around it. Depending on foot traffic, offices require carpet cleaning more often than a regular household. But proper cleaning should be performed every 2 to 3 months.


Q: Is there a limit to the services I can book at once?

A: There are no limits. You can book as much as you wish. Even better we offer great discounts for booking more than one services at once!