How to Keep Your Carpets Clean

carpets cleanCarpets are the items in your home or business property which are most prone to accumulating dust, dirt, growing harmful microorganisms and suffering stains from spills and other accidents. This is why, regular maintenance is pertinent, not only to keep the good appearance of the carpeting, but also to ensure that it is healthy and safe, and does not emit allergens.

By taking regular and proper care of the carpets in your home, you will ensure that they live longer, serve you well, and are healthy and safe to have at home, even if you have small children or family members allergic to dust and with other respiratory problems.

Here is how to take care of and make sure that your carpets remain clean at all times:

Limit the amount of dirt on your carpeting

This can be done, by asking family members and guests to remove their shoes when entering your home. If you have a dog, take the time to wipe or wash its paws after a walk outside. Consider covering the particularly high traffic areas on the carpet with area mats. This will keep the carpet safe from wear and tear and can also add a nice accent to your interior design.

Keep it safe from anticipated staining

In case your home is being repainted or refurbished, always cover your carpeting with protective plastic tarps fixed safely with tape. This will save you from needing to clean any paint, dirt and other debris resulting from the renovations you are doing. Also, if your child will be having a birthday party at home, or there will be another similar event being held, you can cover the carpeting with area rugs for the occasion.

Vacuum the carpet regularly

Make it a habit to hoover your carpet at least once a week. If you have children, pets or allergic people at home, you should do this more often. Use a powerful vacuum cleaner to thoroughly hoover the carpeting. Pass through high traffic areas several times. Regular vacuuming will help remove as much dirt, dust and other residues form the carpet, and will prevent it from getting embedded deep in it, and cause the growth of harmful microorganisms.

Hire professionals or rent a carpet cleaning machine to deep clean your carpeting at least once a year. This will sanitize and rejuvenate the carpets and will increase their longevity.