How to Keep Your Leather Furniture in Top Condition

leather_furnitureBuying good quality leather furniture is often a serious investment, which means that you need to take care of protecting your investment in the best way possible. Good quality leather should get better with age, but this requires periodic proper maintenance, to avoid the wear and tear associated with prolonged use.

The genuine unprotected leather is just like the human skin – it changes over time, but with proper care will stay flexible free of cracks and tears. The rich patina which it will develop over time will make your furniture look even classier and better.

Here are some tips on

How to prolong the life of your leather furniture

#1 Keep it away from a powerful heat source. Make sure that your leather sofa is not too close to the fireplace, a radiator or other heat source. Heat will cause the leather to dry and then to crack and break. Also, consider keeping your leather sofa or other furniture away from direct sunlight. Keep the curtains or blinds closed, so that the sun doesn’t shine directly on your leather furniture and once again cause t to dry up and crack.

#2 Keep your pets off of the leather furniture. Sure, we all love our pets, but all the scratching of your cat or dog on the leather furniture will damage it. In fact, pets are the most common source of damage to leather upholstery according to furniture makers and upholstery cleaners and repair companies.

#3 Keep it moisturized. Dusting or hovering with a brush attachment on a regular basis will get as much dust and dirt off of the furniture, and will avoid it getting smudged and soiled in the pores of the leather.

#4 Apart from that, you need to regularly condition the leather so it stays soft, flexible and free of cracks. Use a soft cloth and leather conditioner, elbow grease, or olive or coconut oil to gently condition the upholstery. Pay special attention to moisturizing any distressed areas and scratches. Of course, always test any kind of conditioner or other solution you are planning to use to treat your leather upholstery on a tiny hidden area of the furniture first to avoid negative reactions and possible damage.

For big cracks and damage, contact a professional cleaning company or repair company who will fix it with the appropriate fillers or other leather repair treatment methods. Taking proper care of your leather furniture will prolong its life and will help it age beautifully!