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MZA Ltd. Services LondonFor the entire London area we offer only the best in Home cleaning services. Our vetted technicians have years of experience behind their backs using always the latest technologies for when it comes to cleaning services. All the equipment we use and provide is certified with the highest of quality and proved to be eco-friendly, biodegradable and lacking any kind of toxic chemicals. This way we ensure safety above all. If you want something cleaned be it a floor, or a mattress even a carpet or sofa we are here to do it.

Our Portfolio

With so many services around we are probably one of the few companies that do it all. With Prochem certified products and machinery we guarantee quality above all! There are a couple of ways in which our company can clean a carpet.

Carpet Cleaning

Dry cleaning – before all our technicians check the fibers do determine exactly from material they are made. Then they apply a special absorbing powder that attracts the dirt and grime which is later on vacuumed out.

Hot water extraction – Designed for woolen and synthetic carpets. This procedure streams hot water inside them while simultaneously vacuums them. That way with the use of different detergents it is made sure that everything is cleaned.

Rug Cleaning

Steam cleaning – this method is being used for cleaning carpets, rugs, mattresses, sofas and upholstery. Inspection is the key. After the inspection, our technicians pre-treat the stains, dirt patches and high traffic areas. While that is done the machine has already reached high temperatures and steam is ready to be used. It is injected with pressure and combined with the detergents, dirt and grime. Then again with the power of the machine, it is sucked out and the carpet or rug is left to dry out.

Mattress Cleaning

Dry mattress cleaning – the power of the ultraviolet light comes to our help. This method effectively all fungus, bacteria, dust mites and so on. The intensified ultraviolet lamps which our technicians use attack the DNA blocks of the said microorganism. By damaging it the light halts their reproduction capabilities and cell functions. With its 72 hours residual effect it continues to work long after our technicians have left the place. With an extreme vibrating and sucking machine dust and debris are being removed from the mattress.

Upholstery and Sofa Cleaning

Dry upholstery cleaning – After inspecting the materials proper detergents are being applied to the high traffic areas, dirt patches and stains. Then a powerful solvent is injected within the upholstery. It combines with the dirt and grime which is later on extracted with the help of the machine. It is a delicate process that ensures no harm will be done to the materials.

Dry foam – a special foam is applied upon the upholstery. It requires 10 minutes to harden after which it is extracted with all the dirt and grime. Special care is taken not to over wet the material which then takes about an hour to dry out.

Leather upholstery treatment – Depending on the leather finish a special product is gently rubbed on the entire surface of the upholstery. A special foam is being left to absorb all the dirt from the upholstery. With the help of a small brush and cotton cloth, it is all later cleaned. After that, a special rejuvenator is being used to lock the layer thus protecting it from future harm.

Hard Floor Cleaning

Wood floor treatment – depending on the condition different actions can be applied. If the seal of the floor is not broken then surface cleaning and buffing is what we do. If however the seal is broken than a deep clean followed by a re-sealing is needed.

Slate and stone floors – Emulsification, heat and pressurised cleaning is what we use to get rid the dirt from the floor. Then a high-class seal is being used to ensure its future protection. Thus ensuring no critical contamination will be made from food or wine.

Vinyl floors – Regular deep cleaning services are required for this kind of floors. We use emulsification, Heat and low pressure to effectively remove the dirt from the floors with one swipe.

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