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Years pass by and slowly but certainly everything changes. Our old floor now looks in disarray. Here come the saviors! The great residential hard floor cleaning services that MZA Ltd. offer are simply hard to pass by. With our certified professionals on the job, there is nothing that can go wrong. From wood to stone our floor cleaning services do it all. We can not only bring back the glory to your floor but also ensure that after our intervention it will last even longer.

We also offer some great benefits such as:

  • 24/7 customer support – to be there when you need is our call
  • Free inspection to determine the state and what can be done for you
  • We will protect your floor and improve its appearance

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Our Expert Hard Floor Cleaning

Our services go from wood to stone, from vinyl floor cleaning to professional floor sealing and protecting.

Wood floor cleaning

Hard Floor Cleaning LondonWe will begin by first checking the condition in what the floor is. If the seal of the floor is not broken and the general condition of the wood is good then surface cleaning and buffing is what we recommend. This means that a deep clean is going to be made with some re-polishing.

If however the seal of the floor is broken and the wood is in not such a good condition meaning that soil is ingrained into the wood. Sanding and sealing are the things that we must do so it can be restored back to its former glory. Despite that hard floors are capable of going strong through the years soil starts to accumulate in them. This means that they need periodic professional cleaning to enhance their appearance and protect them from all wear. The professional cleaning service removes all soil and polish whilst restoring it to its original state.

Slate and Stone floor cleaning.

By the time dirt is noticed on these kind floors it may be already too late. Layer upon layer of dirt and bacteria will have already been accumulated. Normal chemicals and methods will prove to be ineffective in that state so here comes modern technology to save the day.

Our technicians use the power of emulsification, heat, pressurised cleaning to effectively capture the dirt and get rid of it. Once the floor has been cleaned they will achieve effective protection for the future using a high-class impregnator. We ensure that it will protect the floor from any future permanent contamination from food and wine and even make it easier for cleaning.

Vinyl floor cleaning.

The mixture of aluminium oxide and silicon carbide give this floor its characteristic appearance and the provided slip resistance and durability. Despite being heavily protected this kind of floor requires regular deep cleaning services to ensure its shine and glory. Our technician uses emulsification, heat, low-pressure cleaning and effective capture of waste and slurry to remove all the bacteria and accumulated soil. This way with one smooth swing we are able to remove all of the dirt and grime accumulated on the floor so far.

Sealing and Polishing

Floor polish stripping – This is required when the current floor polish is no longer adequately protecting your floor because of either poor maintenance or time. This is an essential step before floor re-polishing.

Floor polishing – Skill and care are essential for this operation. Our technicians will evenly apply the floor polish to the entire surface area. This way a good level of protection is achieved while giving that old floor a fantastic new look and shine.

Protecting and sealing natural stone and tiled floors.

Natural stone products of every kind will get stained almost immediately if something is dropped on them. Before sealing them a thought is given to their ongoing maintenance. Sealing the surface is effectively preventing any permanent damage to the stone. A silicon free non-toxic water based seal is what we recommend for the task. It is without any strong odour. The seal is biodegradable and provides long lasting protection for natural stone surfaces.

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