Professional Mattress Cleaning London by MZA Ltd.

MZA Ltd. specializes in providing expert mattress cleaning services for the London area. With our affordable prices and highly efficient Prochem certified products, we can guarantee a perfect residential mattress cleaning experience. The people working for us are all highly trained professionals that take pride in their work. This means that everything they do is going to be with only the highest of standards ensured by our company.

The benefits our company offer consists of:

  • Flexible booking slots in order to give you the control on when and how you want our work to be done
  • Being able to work on weekends and bank holidays
  • 100% safe services for you and your family

Give us a call at 020 3404 3992 and see what else we have prepared for you!

The Types of Our Services

Mattress Cleaning Services LondonWe offer a different kind of mattress cleaning services. One is a symbol of the past while the other is from the future. Our eco-friendly products, however, help us stay into the present. All the materials that are being used in our provided services have passed the required tests and are proven to be completely safe for your Child or pet.

Steam Mattress cleaning

Our technician begins with inspecting the mattress and determining what kind of detergents should be used. Then he pre-treats the mattress with the said detergents.

We offer different kind of detergents: coffee stains, fruit stains, makeup stains and more. In the meantime, the poured in the machine hot or cold water has reached the needed temperature. With pressure, the machine injects the steam in the mattress thus combining it with the detergents and dirt within. Then it is sucked out of the mattress. With the extraction, all the dirt and grime that was earlier in the mattress is now being taken care of. The mattress then needs full 24 hours in order to completely dry out.

Dry Mattress sanitization

This is an all natural, chemical-free method that provides great results. The lack of need for the mattress to be moved makes this service rather fast and relatively easy. It is suitable for when you want to completely remove dust mites, fungal spores, bacteria and any other kind of microscopic organisms. Our technicians use small but powerful Ultra Violet lamps.

The ultraviolet lamps emit light at very low wavelengths which are considered to have a germicidal effect. The technicians slowly move above the entire surface of the mattress in order to be completely sure that the job is done. It takes around 2 to 10 seconds of exposure to successfully sterilise an area. Precision is the key. When the Ultraviolet light hits the germs it directly attacks their DNA. By damaging and breaking their DNA it halts their cell functions and reproduction. That way all kinds of bacteria are considered dead after being exposed to the light. After the sterilisation is complete a machine capable of extreme vibration and suction is being used. That way all debris and dust are also being removed from the mattress.

This procedure has a 72-hour residual effect meaning that after our technicians have left the place the protection is still being applied. Not using any kind of detergents or chemicals this method completely protects the colour of your mattress. All the odour inducing bacteria are also being removed so say goodbye to that strange smell.

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