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When it comes to rug cleaning we as much as you do not want to see a half-completed task. This is why MZA Ltd. has dedicated itself to the purpose of bringing to our customers only the best offers in domestic rug cleaning. We are equipped with some of the best weapons in the branch. Our vetted professionals bring the efficiency of each machine and method to the maximum. For the entire London area, we offer a different kind of expert rug cleaning services. All of them depend on the task at hand but that does not mean that their results are different. Our cleaning services despite being different bring you the exact same satisfaction of the end result. As we strive to be the best we do not hesitate to use everything in our power for the purpose of getting the job done.

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There are also benefits if you decide to use our company. With our 24/7 customer support, we make sure to be there when you need us.

  • Our free inspections make sure that we will choose only the best course of action
  • The affordable prices which we offer are aimed to a wide variety of customers, but with them comes the option of purchasing more than one service
  • 24 hours customer services!

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Our Rug Cleaning Services

Dry Rug cleaning

Rug Cleaning LondonNot all materials react well when they have contact with water. This is where dry cleaning comes to help. It is a specially designed method just for this kind of situations. Some surfaces have the tendency to shrink, expand or even lose their normal form when water is applied. To avoid that the Dry Cleaning method was invented. It uses powder and spray like products for the purpose. Since no strong detergents can be used in the process please keep in mind that this is more like a refreshing service than a cleaning one. Stains cannot be removed with it, but even so, it is a high effective process.

Our vetted technicians start first by inspecting the fibres constructing the rug itself. This way the exact composition can be found out and only the needed detergents can be used.

After that, with the right detergents in mind, they begin to pre-treat all the stains, dirt patches and high traffic areas. When this is completed the special absorbing powder is evenly applied on the surface of the rug. Then with the help of a special machine which utilities the power of many tiny brushes the powder is scrubbed deep into the rug. That absorbing powder attracts all the dirt and grime which later with the help of a powerful vacuum machine is sucked out away from the surface.

The Steam cleaning Rug process

The process involves the use of a highly efficient steam producing machine and the help of our eco-friendly detergents. The already vetted technicians begin by pouring hot or cold water inside the machine and leaving it to reach high enough temperatures so that steam can be produced. While that is done they use the time to move away everything that can and will be in the way of their job. Heavy furniture is considered not for moving so please keep in mind that despite being professionals they are not superhumanly enhanced soldiers. Inspection of the materials from which the rug is made is the next step they make. The proper detergents are being applied so that no damage can be inflicted upon the rug. When that is done the Steam machine comes to action. With the power of high pressure, the steam is injected deep into the rug and combined with the detergents. With that, the grime and dirt are also applied to the combination which leads it ready for extraction. Then the machine sucks out all of them and leaves as little moisture as possible so that a minimum dry out time is required. Approximately 3 hours a needed for a rug to be completely dried out. Of course, air moving machines can be brought upon request to minimise even further that time.

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