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MZA Ltd. specialises in providing expert residential upholstery and sofa cleaning services. Our highly trained professionals understand your needs and do their best for their fulfilment. With the eco-friendly detergents and methods used we do not simply make sure that your belongings are being perfectly cleaned, but also that they are kept safe from future harm. For the London we offer affordable prices for our upholstery and sofa cleaning services but also we come with some great benefits that include:

  • Regular maintenance for your upholstery
  • Absolutely free surveys for the purpose of bringing and doing only what is needed for the situation. Not losing your time with needless setbacks.
  • Fixed prices with no hidden taxes.

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About MZA Ltd. Cleaning Services

Steam Cleaning

First, our technicians make sure that hot or cold water is poured into the machine. Then it is left to reach the required temperatures in order for it to produce steam. While that happens they use detergents to pre-treat the high-traffic areas, dirt patches and stains. The machine injects the steam deep into the upholstery or sofa and thus combines it with the detergents, stains and grime. After that, it sucks out most of the moisture with everything in it. It does not take long but the noise generated is a bit louder than that of a vacuum cleaner. It takes around 1.30 to 2 hours for two 2-seated sofas to be completely steam cleaned. The required dry time is around 3 hours. But be warned that if a Scotchgard protective layer is applied it will take around 4 to 5 hours for it to completely dry out.

Dry Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning Services LondonThis method is designed for when the material from which the upholstery or sofa is made is not enough water resistant. Especially for suede, velvet or other materials with similar structure. The first thing that our technicians have to do is inspect the materials from which the sofa or upholstery is made. Then they apply the needed detergents upon the dirt patches and stains.

After that, a powerful solvent is applied by a machine. The solvent comes out under high pressure ensuring this way that it will get deep enough into the material so that it can combine with the dirt or stains. Then it is all sucked out by machine. This is a delicate process that ensures that the fibres are not harmed.

Dry Foam Cleaning Method

Our technician first vacuums and brushes the entire upholstery. For the purpose of loosening the dirt he then uses a pre-conditioning spray. Then the machines turn comes. It is used for the creation of the special consistency of the foam that is later carefully applied on the upholstery. The foam requires approximately 10 minutes to harden. Equipped with a powerful vacuum the machine then extracts the crystalized foam from the upholstery. Special care is being taken not to overwet the upholstery which the requires around 1 hour to dry out.

Leather Upholstery & Sofa Cleaning

A proper product is applied depending on the sofa and upholstery’s leather finish. It is gently rubbed within the leather, then it is wiped out and a deep conditioning formula is used to work with the leather.

A small patch from a non-visible side of the upholstery is being tested by the technician in order for him to determine to what extent it can be cleaned. A foam leather is being applied for a few minutes and left to absorb all the dirt. After that with the help of a small brush and a cotton cloth he will clean up the upholstery. When the layer is finished a leather rejuvenator is being applied over the surface. This way the layer becomes locked. It will take around 1 or 2 hours for it to dry out. When that is done the rejuvenator will work as a protective layer. If needed different stains removers will be provided. Mat leather is not usually being serviced by our company because it is not protected by a rejuvenator. Thus it tears up easily and the colour is often changed.

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