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All the products that we use are Prochem certified. We think about the environment, your family and pets. This is why all the products that we use are eco-friendly with no toxic chemicals that may harm you and your children. Check our client reviews:


13.01.2017     Nora Tellefsen

Autumn was very rainy. So I needed to clean the windows. Although winter conditions the technicians came and did a perfect job. I am very pleased.


28.10.2016     Leah Gallagher

When I first contacted the company I was a bit skeptical with what they offered. Sure the prices looked great, but something kept telling me that this prices and these services were a bit off. To my surprise, this was not the case. Now my floor looks like brand new and I am more than happy that I have contacted them!


19.08.2016     Katherine Short

My sofa had a big and ugly coffee stain. So I decided I needed some professional help with that. I called the company and with their Steam cleaning machine the stain is no more!


04.05.2016     Gabriela Zawadzka

I was watching Tv with my husband and we were having a really great time. Well, that was until clumsy I decided to drop her glass with Wine. The carpet was stained. I simply didn’t know what to do. So my husband went online and found this company. After a quick research we called them and now the stain is no more!


18.01.2016     Mitchell Christie

Something felt weird with my bed mattress. I tried different ways to clean it but simply failed every time. That is when I knew I needed help. I called the company. When they arrived it was as if I watched an episode of CSI Miami. The blue light the glasses everything. Now my mattress feels completely different. Thank god for the sleep I get. 10 out of 10!


11.11.2015     Jacquenett Majory

We were having a party at home. Nothing fancy just a couple of friends and me. Well, messes tend to happen you know. One of my friends accidentally dropped his beer on the sofa. The upholstery got really soaked (Keep in mind it was a really old one). I loved that sofa and didn’t know what to do. So we called the company. They did everything in their power and managed to save it. I even offered the guys some beer. But being on the job they declined.


02.07.2015     Kian Berry

I have a toddler. Kids can really be messy at times. He decided to play with my makeup in the living room while I was in the kitchen. When I came back there was lipstick all around. Guess who got grounded. Anyway, I couldn’t remove it with what I knew so I called the company. They fixed my sofa and carpet with surprising ease. Did I mention that I even got a discount?


19.04.2015     Naomi Fry

I and my wife wanted to do a bit refreshing of our house. Nothing fancy just to freshen up our living room. We stumbled upon the companies website and decided to give it a try. Since they offered a service that didn’t require us to stay there. We decided to go on a little excursion. Two days after we booked our slots we came home to be amazed. Everything we ordered was looking like brand new! Now we are thinking of hiring them for the other rooms as well.


09.12.2014     Zoe Woods

I was looking for a cheap place to stay while studying. Well since I’m a student I can’t afford much. But come on the place was old. I decided that despite my finances were low that I need a bit of freshening up. I called the company and ordered some of their services. To my amazement, they offered me a 15 % discount. It was great, their job was done perfectly and I managed to save some money after all!


16.08.2014     Dylan Farmer

I needed to freshen up my favourite sofa. So I contacted the company they came they saw and they did their job. Now I am a happy man!


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